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Lifting Others Up To The Libertarian Way

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Winning With the Libertarian Party

The freedom-loving Libertarian Party has been active 47 years, yet manages to gather only a minuscule percentage of the vote. Many would say this is pathetic.

The Republican Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives heroically saves America from a disastrous re-application of the ObamaCare premise that dictatorship of people's health insurance is government's business ... a rescue effort for which they should be presenting themselves as national champions. Instead they allow themselves to be portrayed as villains. Maybe not pathetic, but a mixed bag.

It's not that freedom is no longer considered a value among Americans. It's that modern freedom lovers haven't yet learned how to win fully, completely, without limitation. Liberty lovers achieve only partial victories because we do not have a winning mindset.

To achieve complete and lasting victory liberty lovers need to transform their minds and think like winners.

To do this we must first train ourselves to …

The Winning Tao Of Liberty

One who follows the Liberty Way with people, 
does not use weapons to enforce his will. 
Initiating force always leads to pain and suffering. 

With the Liberty Way where armies once gathered,
briars and brambles now blossom. 

A liberty leader exercises his leadership, 
and that is all. 
If he uses force, it is not to seize for himself. 

He skillfully overcomes liberty's enemies, 
but is not proud. 
His progress might be admired, 
yet he is not boastful. 
His work may even win accolades, 
still he does not brag. He fulfills his purpose for liberty, 
because he knows he has no other choice. 

The Liberty Way is fulfilling one's purpose without using force. 
The above is a liberty interpretation of a passage from the ancient spiritual classic Tao Te Ching.  As in all spiritual works which have been venerated worldwide down through the centuries a difference is recognized between (1) the use of force by ego determination for ego purposes, and (2) the use of force in defense of the freedom to act …

The Libertarian Way: So Much More Than The NAP!

How often do we hear the word "libertarian" being used in contexts relating to politics or some kind of political understanding? Even most dictionary definitions of "libertarian" emphasize political implications.

Yet libertarians will never experience the full personal benefit of their libertarian impulse, and never be completely successful in any political activism they undertake, unless they understand the Libertarian Way is much deeper and more basic than concern with political conditions.

Before there is politics ... before there are relationships ... there is life. When human beings feel their deepest-rooted inner desires (as opposed to addiction to intellectualism for the purpose of avoiding the depths of their being), they sense inside themselves a yearning for the fullness of life to shine forth and be experienced.

"Fullness" is the key. Liberal-progressive dictators will tell you their programs and agendas help people have a better life, but th…

10 Reasons Why Voters Shun The Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party has historically avoided taking personal responsibility for poor vote percentages. LPers seem to be experts at projecting their failures away from themselves and onto the other guys. "They won't let us in debates." "They control a rigged system." "They won't cover us in the media." "They...." "They...." "They...."

Here are 10 important reasons the Libertarian Party is its own worse enemy.

1. The LP does not take a strong enough stand for life in all stages. The LP abortion position needs to state something like: " Life is our standard. We recognize all human life in every stage of development from initial inception to old age has a right to choose it's own destiny. We see abortion as a violation of this freedom of choice and seek to end all government support of abortion."

2. The LP does not take a strong enough stand for life in other lands. The LP foreign policy position needs to…

Libertarian Selfish Ego-Vested Interest Party?

In the past we have heard some fairly scathing criticism of the Libertarian Party, but recently we heard a rant to which some would cry "Ouch!"

"Because the LP sees women's personal selfish convenience on a par with newly conceived human life not yet born, because so many LP members think their selfish desire to freely use marijuana is the most important liberty of all, because the LP nominates bogus libertarian candidates who thrive on ego glorification over principle, and because LP leadership is more interested in attacking other parties than in bringing people together to work toward common goals, I have decided to call the LP the Selfish Ego-Vested Interest Party."

To which we say: Whoa! Wait a minute! Hold on!

In the first place, all political parties now in existence are based on the selfish ego interests of those involved. There are no political parties based on men and women listening deep inside to their spiritual nature, to the universal oneness we a…

The Libertarian Republican Party

(Blue = Democrats    Red = Republicans)
If you want to sabotage the cause of liberty, then stubbornly hold onto the misconception that Republicans are every bit as anti-liberty as Democrats.

Far from true!

Although it may be correct perception that misguided GOP leadership has been inept in recent years when dealing with Democrats and the mainstream media, nonetheless the vast majority of Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives hold strong liberty-oriented beliefs, as the above chart based on their voting record shows. This 2015 Liberty Index was compiled by Clifford Theis, Professor of Finance and Economics at Shendendoah University, an author at the Independent Institute and a long-time liberty activist legend.

Unfortunately, Professor Theis does not abandon the false dichotomy between social liberty and economic liberty (as if social issues don't have an economic impact and economic issues don't have social influence), but he does create for each member of t…