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Libertarians Are Most Caring

A common faulty impression in our culture is that libertarians are selfish and uncaring. Such an impression is backward and up-side down. It is precisely because libertarians so deeply crave human interaction free of pain, fear and guilt, human interaction blessed by incredible love and joy, that they refuse to be dictators.

Many people who don't consider themselves to be libertarians might say, "Wait! I'm not a dictator!" Perhaps they have never voted for a politician whose vote in turn would dictate that everyone abide by some program or pay taxes to fund some program.

Of course it's not true that if you hold yourself back from being a freedom zealot you are thereby a dictator. Yet a man who would never consider himself a dictator but who hides behind the excuse that a program dictated by politicians is okay if a majority votes for it ... is enabling what? Freedom? Or dictatorship?

"But wait a minute! Wisdom dictates! Love dictates! The weather dictates! …