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Why Ron Paul Loses Elections

"Our spirit is free and wants for us outer conditions of freedom (political liberty) so it can guide us to unimaginable prosperity and well-being."

That's the libertarian message that sells. That's the libertarian message that resonates deep inside of people. That's the libertarian message that wins elections.

But why would libertarians want to win elections?

Because those who win elections have the power to either reduce people's political liberty [which libertarians don't want] or increase people's political liberty [which libertarians do want]. Majority rule is only tyranny of the majority if the majority votes to reduce freedom. If a majority votes to increase freedom ... that's not tyranny. If a majority voted for Ron Paul, tyranny wouldn't gain ground ... liberty would gain.

But why are libertarians always losing elections? It can't be because people want more tyranny. The vast majority of people are at least somewhat in touch wit…