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Traits of True Teachers of Liberty #4: Patience

The Spirit of Liberty speaks to us in a half-whispered voice: "If you patiently build it, they will come."

It's hard to say if our dear friends in the Free State Project are patient. Because they advertise themselves as an effort to encourage thousands of liberty loving people to immigrate to New Hampshire in the hopes of creating an intense focus of education and influence toward their goal: Liberty In Our Lifetime.

"Liberty In Our Lifetime" is an appealing mantra which can sound less like fantasy, maybe even realistic, to young people who have many years yet to live. In their minds it is a heroic goal which subconsciously engenders a sense of urgency similar to "A Worldwide Caliphate In Our Lifetime" for young Islamic radicals, or "A Utopian Dictatorship In Our Lifetime" for Liberal-Progressive Democrats. We all appreciate the motivation of: "Let's get it done ... now!"

Hearing this, many older men and women peacefully smile…