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Freedom From Forced Socialism

You are a spiritual human being. You have a physical body, feelings, thoughts, and spiritual impulses. You may have denied your spiritual impulses from time to time, but they are present inside you ... and you know it.

It is your spiritual nature which moves you to do wonderful things. You might be moved to write a wonderful novel, discover a cure for cancer, be a good mother, build a business that produces goods, or rescue a little animal who is trapped. Maybe you are moved to do something you can't even see the value of at first, but you do it because something deep inside you tells you it is right for you to do. That something deep inside you is your spiritual nature.

It is your spiritual nature which speaks to you from deep within saying, "We are all in this together ... every living being. What is truly good for one is good for all. What is truly good for all is good for one."

It is your spiritual nature which also says deep inside you, "It is I who will show y…

Ayn Rand and Jesus Christ: Deep Similarities

Ayn Rand's intellectual genius was great, but far greater still was her willingness to tune in to her spirit, feel her spirit, live by her spirit, and write from her spirit. Her spirit has moved millions.

"When I studied Atlas Shrugged I was inspired to change the direction of my life totally. I literally owe my life to Ayn Rand."

How many times have we heard a statement such as this?

The quality in a fictional work which can change someone's life so dramatically is not the intellectualism of the work, but the spiritual foundation on which the intellectualism is built.

Intellectualism without a spiritual base is a painful torture which ultimately leads to terror and death, as Ayn Rand so perfectly illustrated with her fictional characters. But intellectualism which arises out of being in touch with one's spirit is a very different story, as those of us know who have read Atlas Shrugged.

Ayn Rand's heroes are fond of saying their antagonists are "mindless.…

Libertarian-Republican Rapport

What's wrong with the picture painted by the above video?

Usually when there is a common enemy, people have enough common sense to lay aside their differences and ban together to defeat the common enemy, right?

Normally when the common enemy is extremely powerful and there are potential dire consequences if the enemy were to gain complete control, people are wise enough hold their peace regarding their pet issues while working with allies on issues that bottom line are infinitely more important, wouldn't you say?

The question is: are libertarians capable of the kind of common sense and wisdom most people innately turn to?

If fascist socialist Democratic Party thugs are going to be stopped from destroying the spirit of America (and the world), libertarians are going to have to learn to work with Republicans who agree with some of their main premises while not yet "on board" in every respect, true or false?

Rather than go into Republican meetings and blasting off on pet lib…

Election Strategy Memo #3

The Campaign Mantra

President Clinton, who could be called "The Master" when it comes to pulling off political miracles, was certainly a master at holding his campaigns "on message." His campaign workers were boot camp drilled in staying on message above all else. Every news release, every response to the opposition, every answer to a media question was turned back to the message of the campaign so that the underlying theme became a "campaign mantra."

A campaign mantra is more than just a slogan. It is a statement of the way things can be and should be from the candidate's point of view ... used so often that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Every campaign should have its mantra.

For example, Libertarian Party candidates in West Virginia are beginning to use the mantra [when this memo was originally written]: "West Virginia is a Libertarian State." This mantra serves dual purposes, inviting people to ask "What does 'Libertarian…