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Who Are The True Teachers of Liberty?

Who are the true teachers of liberty?

The answer is: anyone who makes a conscious and determined choice to live and let live. There are no other qualifications. We teach what we are. If our deeply felt goal is to live our lives in the way we prefer while not interfering with others living their lives as they so choose, we are teaching liberty. If we have no interest in imposing our values or schemes on others and no desire for others to force their beliefs and designs on us, we are teaching liberty.

Live and let live are "two sides of the same coin," so to speak. Once we have made the choice to be responsible for our own lives we cannot logically deny others the same possibility. Any attempt to do so would be a dishonest betrayal of our own value since we cannot with integrity see our interests in this respect as different from anyone else's. A choice to live life according to our own choosing while not in any way trying to limit the same opportunity of others makes us t…