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Go Rand Paul! Go Justin Amash! Go libertarians!

Ayn Rand believed that if political liberty and free market capitalism were to ever take another step forward in the history of mankind it would require a revolution among intellectuals. She convinced herself that intellectuals governed the political direction of a society.

Certainly intellectuals are influential.  Many present day libertarians are too young to remember days when there were literally no libertarian influences on campuses, no libertarian magazines, no libertarian think tanks, no libertarian commentators in the media; days when one never heard the term "libertarian."  So libertarians have since Rand's day made great progress in the realms usually thought to be intellectual realms.

But intellectualism cannot do the job completely, because human beings are much more than their intellects, and most people do not operate only intellectually.  The continuing revolution toward greater political liberty can only finally succeed by reaching the vast majority of…