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Ron Paul Rebels Bother Establishment Loyalists

"Dr. Paul sat down with Bob Schieffer on CBS’s 'Face the Nation' on Sunday, and this time was treated by the host much more as a serious presidential candidate— albeit one with some ideas that don’t often get aired in big-time American politics— than some freaky side-show at a circus." Steve Kornacki, New York Observer
(Click to read entire article: Ron Paul Earns Curtain Call)

Although the above article grudgingly admits that Ron Paul's candidacy is more than a side-show, it also at the same time illustrates the attitude of the establishment loyalist media toward a perceived rebel. During the American Revolutionary Period those who agitated for liberty were boycotted by loyalists as "rebels." Nothing much has changed. God forbid the rebels get too much attention!

There are more parallels. The loyalists during the American Revolutionary Period were loyal to what? To the status quo, which was a corrupt political empire which left people feeling hopelessly …

Ron Paul Visualizes Liberty-oriented Republican Party

"Ron Paul is one angry Republican. Get him started on America's skyrocketing debt, illegal immigration, secret wiretapping or border security and he wags his finger, his voice rising as the words come out in furious bursts." (Read entire article: Unwelcome guest crashes own party)

Ron Paul likes to make one thing perfectly clear: he is a Republican.

Yes, he abandoned the Republican Party and ran as the Presidential Candidate of the Libertarian Party twenty years ago in 1988, but who hasn't had a few youthful transgressions? He quickly saw the folly of 3rd party politics and returned to the party nurtured by the spirit of Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson.

Of course Ron Paul is an angry Republican. The Republican Party hasn't left him. The Republican Party has turned left ... and Ron Paul doesn't like it.

Read the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The confiscation of property. Republicans are no longer heroic defenders of private prop…

Time Magazine Belittles Ron Paul Supporters

"His message, even if packaged in obscure economic lectures, is that there is something very corrupt, very Halliburton-Blackwatery going on with our military-industrial complex, and that can attract some pretty weird followers." (Read entire article: The Ron Paul Revolution, Joel Stein- Time/CNN 1 Nov 2007)

Joel Stein must live in liberal-magician fantasy world. He must feel confident his readers will be mesmerized by his word-waving, and therefore unthinkingly form the opinion that every Ron Paul supporter is either a nerd, a weirdo, a nut-case, or an eccentric.

Wake up, Joel Stein! Everybody sees through your amateurish tricks!

What Joel Stein has accomplished with his article is provide a wonderfully clear example of a blindfolded liberal following the Liberal Democrat Rules of Perception.
Rule 1: Voters are to be viewed as easily hoodwinked and manipulated.
Rule 2: Everybody must be seen as flawed.
Rule 3: Nobody can be seen as heroic.
Rule 4: Anyone in politics who is not …

Will Ron Paul's Ideas Wake Up New Hampshire Voters?

"Paul is now emerging as a serious threat in New Hampshire, perhaps not to win it -- although the winner may need only 25% or so -- , but to influence the outcome in a way that reflects his worldview. He will spend most of the $5.3M in his campaign budget on television, mailings and field organizing in the Granite State. There are 450 people in largest Ron Paul Meetup group, and they're canvassing in Claremont and dropping lit in Manchester this weekend." (Read entire article: Taking Ron Paul Seriously In New Hampshire- 26 Oct 2007)

Anyone who has followed the progress of the Free State Project
knows that freedom lovers have for several years been challenged to move to New Hampshire in part because of the leverage they might be able to exert in the Presidential selection process every 4 years. The State of New Hampshire has it's own leverage by virtue of being the first open primary in the nation. But what if ... it was argued ... Free Staters could apply leverage to t…