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Ron Paul Purer Republican than Abraham Lincoln?

Paul, who ran for president as a libertarian in 1988, was asked whether he'd run as a third-party candidate next year if he loses the GOP nomination.

Paul said that was unlikely. "I have no intention, no plans of doing it, and that's about 99.9 percent," said Paul, a 72-year-old obstetrician-gynecologist and former Air Force flight surgeon.

(Click to read entire story: Ron Paul on NBC's Meet the Press

Tim Russert of course assumes that Ron Paul cannot secure the GOP nomination. If that turns out to be the case, it would be totally idiotic for Ron Paul to run on a third party ticket. Look at the facts:

Ron Paul running on a third party ticket would guarantee the general election victory of the Democratic nominee. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards are all hopelessly addicted socialists who will join with a Democratic Congress to exponentially expand the U.S. government, bring the U.S. economy to its knees, and leave a legacy of poverty and misery for fut…

Ron Paul's $6 Million Boston Tea Party

Today, the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, the day that helped spark the American Revolution, Paul's Web-savvy, intensely loyal supporters planned another "money-bomb." And by 6 p.m. EST, the "Paulites" had raised $4.1 million from more than 30,000 donors, bringing the Texas Republican's fundraising total this quarter to $15.8 million. And counting.
(Click to read entire story: Boston Tea Party: Ron Paul Raises Millions

By midnight the total donations toward political liberty had reached $6 million.

No more government control. No more government stupidity. No more government theft. No more government deception. No more government corruption. A 50 year moratorium on new government programs!

We, the people, want liberty!

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The device which prepares freedom lovers for success, A Course in Miracles, indicates freedom of the body is meaningless without achieving freedom of the mind:

Do you want freedom …

Ron Paul Excitement Continues American Revolution?

"My goal is not to create a new political majority and replace the dictatorship of the old majority by a dictatorship of a new majority. My goal is to raise the world above dictatorship altogether. Political observers have noted that democracy (i.e., dictatorship by a majority of voters) always leads to deterioration of society as voters over time vote for ego-vested interests rather than sound and proven principles. Eventually everyone suffers."
- Course in Political Miracles: Lesson 32

Ron Paul supporters are not necessarily die-hard Ron Paul enthusiasts, are they? What they are really enthusiastic about is the Spirit of 1776. They are thrilled with the prospect of throwing off the chains of government dictatorship ... and they know deep down inside that Ron Paul doesn't go far enough.

Not all supporters of the Ron Paul Revolution have studied thoroughly the original American revolution. Not everyone understands that the conditions today are the same in principle. The Ame…

Can Ron Paul Rebels Change Republican Party?

"When a fierce Republican foe of the wars on drugs and terrorism is able, without really trying, to pull in a record haul of campaign cash on a day dedicated to an attempted regicide, it's clear that a new and potentially transformative force is growing in American politics." By Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch- Washington Post
(Click to read entire article: How to make sense of the Ron Paul revolution?)

A new and potentially transformative force? We've mentioned it before under the label "the hundredth monkey principle." At a certain point, ideas are held with strength in enough minds that they begin exploding into acceptance in a majority of minds. Another way to describe it is: "truth is true and cannot be held in abeyance forever." As one or more champions begin to speak truth, the truth becomes heard as never before.

The truth is freedom is of one's spirit and is one's natural state. When a champion of the spirit speaks of real freedom, not…

Pro-slavery Barack Obama vs. Abolitionist Ron Paul?

"The real issue is whether America would be a stronger and more prosperous nation if government was reduced to the levels envisioned by the Founding Fathers. America climbed from agricultural poverty to middle-class prosperity before the income tax was adopted, and federal government spending (with the exception of times of war) was a small percentage of GDP." CATO@LIBERTY
(Click to read entire article: Defending Ron Paul's Tax Plan)

The point which the above article misses is that it doesn't matter where savings are going to come from when the income tax is abolished. When you are taxed on your income it is called "slavery," and Ron Paul is the only hugely visible politician calling for the end of slavery in America.

Everybody in the world knows governments are hopelessly inefficient and corrupt, spending far more money than necessary even on what one might think of as legitimate government functions. So do not get caught up wondering where the savings is goi…