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Traits of True Teachers of Liberty: #2 Heart & Soul Desire

We have seen that the cornerstone principle of true teachers of liberty is live and let live. (See Who Are the True Teachers of Liberty?) Yet the two parts of this principle are not on the same level. Live is deeper and constitutes the reason for let live. A true teacher of liberty is primarily moved by a strong inner desire to live freely in the way the depths of his heart and soul guide him to live. And only because he is in touch with his desire to live as his free spirit wants him to live does he then feel an accompanying desire to let others live as so guided ... to let live.

"Let live" in a more complex society is also known as "political liberty." Our inner spirit (life force) is already free and guides us in any particular outer context to the maximum happiness possible under the circumstances. But our spirit wants for us political liberty because if freedom in society is at its greatest then our spirit can give guidance for the greatest creativity, the gr…