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Ron Paul Libertarians Transforming GOP

The Libertarian Party could well be considering folding and dropping out of the game. Why? Because the Republican Party is being transformed by Ron Paul's rEVOLutionaries and will carry the banner of liberty for a long time to come.

"But Ron Paul is pretty old. This is his last run."

No matter. The future belongs to Republicans like Rand Paul and Justin Amash. And to other champions of liberty who are willing to run as Republicans. And that's a future that favors you.

Heading into the South Carolina GOP Primary there have been 20 televised debates and untold national news stories in which Ron Paul has had an opportunity to voice libertarian ideas ... more exposure of libertarian ideas in 6 months than the Libertarian Party was able to achieve in 40 years.

In state after state, Ron Paul has been polling on average about 20% of Republican voters with an every day unstoppable mushrooming of exposure, enthusiasm ... and acceptance. If an Obama dictatorship and the p…