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How Could Bob Barr Put McCain & Obama In Their Place?

McCain falls in center with vast majority of Americans, so should win election ... true or false?

Hard to say, because the Nolan Chart, in depicting four political extremes is extremely faulty. There are only two political extremes. Extreme worship of government (both Obama and McCain) and extreme disgust with government (Libertarian Bob Barr along with most Americans).

The so-called "Right" and "Left," shown on the Nolan Chart above as "Liberal" and "Conservative" are two branches of the same cancer, each determined to wield government power over the lives of individuals and families, each wanting to expand government enormously when it suits their ego-vested interests and diminish government in a few areas where their ego-vested interests are not served. Both Liberals and Conservatives are statists. Their goal is to use government to force their ego-vested interests on others. If the human ego is what ancients called the "devil," both …

Bad Economy? Forget Obama and McCain! Vote Libertarian!

Disgusted with money buying political power, and political power ruining money? Vote Libertarian!

Money has bought both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. For what reason? For political power! Whoever controls the country politically can get away with legalized theft called "taxation," and can then direct $2,256,289,716,000.00 of stolen money to their pet projects.

Most Democrats are hopelessly selfish socialists. Their list of campaign-promise favorite projects seems infinite and surely would bring America to it's knees starving and begging. If Democrats have their way, the gap between rich and poor would be huge: all Democrat loyalists would be filthy rich; everyone else in the country would become "barely making it" poor. To see the picture, look at the history of any socialist country.

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess from the public treasu…

Speak to Democrats, Bob Barr! They Will Hear Reason!

The Libertarian Party national ticket needs to concentrate on bluish-purple states, not red states.

When Bob Barr, Libertarian Party candidate for President, announced his candidacy in Georgia within this last week he stated, "We can't be everywhere that we want to be right off the bat, so we are going to be hitting those states where we have the greatest likelihood of having as much preliminary impact as possible."

Although it is understandable that any third party candidate might think this way and hope to run up his percentage in political polls, a counter-intuitive approach might be much better for the long term success of libertarian ideas.

In order to understand the counter-intuitive approach, it is necessary to recognize that, like it or not, the grass roots Republican Party (don't think George Bush) is much more an ally to libertarianism than the Democratic Party. Let's put it this way: the Nolan Chart is flawed. It does not differentiate between the dedicat…