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Ayn Rand Revival?

Book Review: Will Ayn Rand FINALLY influence the American political right?

With Obama's fascism taking over America, the question arises: can the American political right find ways to stop America's headlong race down the road to serfdom?

To even have hope of stopping the leftist and union thugs who have come into power, right wing lovers of freedom must gain a thorough understanding of the left, and more importantly must come to understand how people on the right cause their own defeat by means of what Ayn Rand calls "the sanction of the victim."

In her new book, Goddess of the Market, University of Virginia historian Jennifer Burns goes along with the subtitle: Ayn Rand and the American Right, seeming to indicate that Ayn Rand might somehow have something to do with the modern political right wing.

Ayn Rand avoided contact with and spent a lot of time fighting the American right. She saw most right-wingers as hopelessly politically naive. If she were alive today she wo…

Real Heroes of the Forgotten Man: Libertarians

If "libertarianism" means anything, it means abandonment now and always of government attempts to better the lives of citizens economically.

In the news: 263,000 jobs lost in September; jobless rate 9.8%

The Obama Administration is following exactly the same steps as the Roosevelt Administration took in the 1930s: attempting to "cure" an economic recession by vast government expenditures to fund utopian "welfare" programs. Just as in the 1930s, insane government spending is deepening the recession into a depression. Increasingly Americans find themselves at the mercy of a government elite who know not what they do.

Government by so-called "Progressives" can only be regressive, can only create more poverty than ever, can only lead to citizen-slaves going through the motions and feeling their spirit only in forbidden black markets, can only lead to martial law and slavery to government. Just as human beings were not born to live under water like fis…