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Lesson 40 For Ron Paul and Ayn Rand Enthusiasts

One of the themes of these lessons is that we are all in this together. I have to look far below surface appearances to see people's deepest interests, but at the deepest levels no one has any interests different than anyone else. As Ayn Rand points out, human beings are spiritual beings whose fundamental needs do not vary.

This course has repeatedly pointed out that every person's spirit wants and needs political liberty. Not only my interest but every one's interest is served most effectively if libertarians who happen to love God help libertarians who happen to be atheists, atheist libertarians help God-loving libertarians, and all to work together to produce political liberty.

With this in mind, it can also be seen that the process of creating political liberty will be enormously sped up when libertarians of all stripes enlist the aid of ministers and church people.

A very high percentage of Americans say they either believe in God on faith or have had experiences s…