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After Ron Paul ... Time For Jesus Christ and John Galt?

The liberty movement desperately needs those who will stop what they are doing and take time to prepare themselves for real success ... for actually creating a world of liberty.

Far too many libertarians are like people brought into the ballpark off the street to comprise a baseball team. They are unprepared. They have neither the skills nor knowledge to create the world they want, so they spend their time flailing and fumbling, sabotaging the achievement of their true goals without even a clue as to why their efforts are doomed to failure. Worse than that, many think they know so much already that their arrogance renders them unteachable.

What if you want to be different ... and make a real difference?  What if you want to do what it takes to absolutely guarantee your success in teaching a philosophy of liberty and creating liberty in the world?

Many say they want liberty, but how many really mean it?

If you are one who really means it, you will make yourself a student of Ayn Rand …