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Libertarians Ready For the Major Leagues ... With Certainty!

Is there hope for freedom zealots in politics?

We all know polls and surveys can be hopelessly misleading. Their results depend on who is being asked, what is being asked, how it is being asked, when and where it is being asked, even the mindset of the one asking. A logical person never chooses to base actions on poll results. "Objective" surveys vs. "Push" polls is actually a false dichotomy. All surveys and polls might just as well be called "pulls" because they all pull answers from respondents to some degree or another according to their creator's way of categorizing the world.

That said, we don't need a poll or survey to know that Ron Paul's ideas voiced in numerous public speeches as well as television debates aired nationwide have vastly increased the influence of libertarian ideas within the Republican Party. No such wild fire as the Ron Paul fervor could have spread before 2011.

This year the Republican Liberty Caucus, chaired by lib…