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Ron Paul Knows Abortion Is Shirking Responsibility

Ron Paul's Abortion Rhetoric: "Does Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's strong language about abolishing a woman's right to choose put him at odds with the Libertarian party?." August 20, 2007, Steven White - The American Prospect
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Any discerning reader of the above article can see The American Prospect staff is attempting to create a sense of separation between Ron Paul and his supporters from the Libertarian Party ... just as they favor separating mothers and babies growing in mother's wombs.

This magazine bills itself as "liberal intelligence," which these days can only be considered a contradiction in terms. The phrase "a woman's right to choose" is illogical and meaningless. Not all choices are right. One can choose to murder, but it is not a right choice. One can even choose to be a modern "liberal," but it is certainly not a choice guided by one's heart and soul. There is no love in &quo…

Are Romney and Huckabee Feeling Ron Paul's Libertarian Certainty?

Romney Borrows Ron Paul Philosophy?
Saturday, August 25, 2007 -

"They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. On the other hand, it does not show much honesty, integrity, or conviction. The latest test of this principle is to watch '1st tier' presidential candidate Mitt Romney start to emulate the political philosophy of '2nd tier' candidate Ron Paul. Ron Paul has been in favor of small government since he became a Congressman. He has been in Congress for ten terms or twenty years."

Ron Paul indeed should feel flattered. He has helped libertarian philosophy reach the mind of the "100th monkey," so to speak. Result: people everywhere are saying "Yes!" to libertarian ideas.

There is no scientific explanation for the 100th Monkey Principle, because mankind's science is still in kindergarten stage when it comes to explaining the universe of mind or spirit. But the principle works. It was described by Ken Keyes, Jr. …

As Barack Obama is Exposed, His Fans Look to Ron Paul

Almost everyone wants change from "politics as usual" in Washington (and pretty much everywhere). Many young people at first turned to Barack Obama. But as they find out that Obama belongs to a cult which is attempting to highjack and redefine Christianity in terms of Marxist socialism, they become disillusioned with the "sexy boy." It turns out Barack Obama not only offers more of the same. He offers much, much, much more of the same.

So it becomes necessary for initial Obama admirers to look around once again and find Ron Paul, who offers orders of magnitude less of the same. Unlike Obama, Ron Paul sees clearly that politicians are the problem, government incroaching on every conceivable area of life is the problem. Paul sees clearly that a huge amount of the misery of the last century has been government-induced misery, in the name of "doing good."

Only two candidates for the Presidency have said they would veto at least half the bills government-addicte…

Ron Paul is Libertarian Savior ... as a Republican!

It can be argued that Ron Paul is not really trying to hijack the Republican Party, but rather the Republican Party has for the most part been so flummoxed by left-wing dishonesty and deceit that Republicans have in cowardice aided the enemy rather than stood to fight for what is right. Liberal Democrats simply refuse to compromise. Republicans have compromised their soul away.

Ron Paul, bless his heart, stands and fights. He's merely showing Republicans the way of true political heroism, the way the Republican Party should have been operating all along to defeat the leftist idiocy of the Democratic Party.

So ... give it your all, Ron Paul. Give it your all. But don't leave the Republican Party. Because the Republican Party is being transformed by your candidacy, as well as by the common sense free-market conservatism of other candidates, especially Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney.

One doesn't transform one major political party, or slam the brakes on the other major political …

Leftists Fear Ron Paul ... And Mitt Romney!

Leftists in America are choosing to have fits of anxiety over the candidacies of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Ron Paul has the intellectual ammunition to destroy leftist philosophy, and Mitt Romney has a spiritual presence which people can feel and which can never be matched by the minuscule little humanism of the left-wing viewpoint.

Most libertarians practically worship Ron Paul while pooh poohing Mitt Romney's candidacy. This of course is a tactical mistake. Intellectualism devoid of spirit cannot win the votes of the vast majority of people. Voters still listen to what they know is true inside themselves ... a spiritual connection with the candidate.

The logical solution for libertarians is to continue supporting Ron Paul in the hopes of gaining widespread advertising for libertarian philosophy and establishing a strong libertarian wing which might someday take over the Republican Party, just as leftists have taken over the Democratic Party; and at the same time stay on the friendl…

Ron Paul or Mitt Romney?

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney during the Ames Straw Poll were both impressive enough to ask two questions: 1) which one of them is capable of being elected over Hillary Clinton; and 2) which one of them is most likely to further the libertarian cause?

Obviously neither one of these questions can be answered intellectually because as pointed out clearly in the article The Spiritual Basis of Liberty our thoughts are based on limited information and limited perception. In order to make a correct judgment as to what is truly good, we would have to be 100% completely aware of an inconceivably wide range of factors; past, present, and future. We would have to have certain advance knowledge of all the effects of our judgment on everyone and everything. We would have to be ABSOLUTELY SURE that we didn't have the slightest slanted angle of perception.

Who could possibly have this magnitude of information? Who except in the height of fantasy could imagine themselves to have such a totally all-see…

Barack Obama's Coercive Church-State

"Which comes first, my spirit or my religion?"

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is no different than many in asking himself this question. He is a member of the United Church of Christ, a denomination of about 1.2 million members that is considered on the far left statist-socialist end of the mainline Protestant spectrum. This church champions the teachings of Karl Marx under the label "Liberation Theology." The Wikipedia Encylopedia states, "In Christianity, liberation theology is a school of theology that focuses on Jesus Christ as not only the Redeemer but also the Liberator of the oppressed. It emphasizes the Christian mission to bring justice to the poor and oppressed, particularly through political activism."

This is a strange form for a Christian religion to take since Jesus in no way attempts to use politics to bring about change, and in fact emphasizes again and again that the kingdom of heaven, which is available to everyone right n…

Michael Moore's Idea of Health Care? SiCKO!

Who Provides Universal Health Care?

Government can only degrade health care. Michael Moore's unethical socialist propaganda to the contrary, anything government inserts its fingers into develops a life-destroying cancer: bureaucracy grows unchecked, costs spiral up beyond any hope of control, and quality literally sinks into hell. Ideology-imprisoned politicians and bureaucrats in cahoots with self-serving physicians and surgeons who are willing to play their game is your perfect recipe for pain, sickness and death, as in the recent instance in the news of the lady left to die on the Emergency Room floor.

"But if people are allowed freedom, many will choose to not purchase health care insurance, and some of them will endure great pain, and some will die. The only thing left to do is force them to have health care coverage."

Bullshit! How about reducing the size and scope of government by 10,000%, so people can keep all the tax money that is being stolen from them? Wouldn&#…

Ron Paul is Wrong; Mitt Romney is Right!

"Ron Paul does not believe we went into Iraq because of 9/11. But Mitt Romney obviously believes we did. So who’s right?" ~Gary Benoit

The strained arguments of some libertarians that Dwight Eisenhower is somehow responsible for the 9/11 attack in New York is equivalent to arguing that President James Buchanan was responsible for the Mountain Meadows Massacre of the Baker-Fancher emigrant party on 9/11 in Utah. It is truth in the sense we are all responsible for everything in our world. This is a very valuable truth, wouldn't you say?

The twisted leftist argument is that Islamic Jihadists would not have declared war on Western societies if it hadn't been for Western government policies reaching back through the years. But anyone who studies the Koran knows this argument is bullshit. The Koran demands that war be waged on "infidels" until everyone on earth is either converted to Islam, enslaved by Islamists, or killed.

Mitt Romney is right. The United States di…

Support Libertarian Republican Ron Paul for Education Improvement!

Freedom to Learn Truth?
Or Teachers Union Propaganda?

It is ironic that Thomas Paine, whose pamphlet "Common Sense" probably saved the American Revolution from defeat in 1776, might have with the same quill and ink planted the seeds of the American Revolution's defeat in the Twenty-first Century. So beloved and influential was the Revolution's firebrand pamphleteer that citizens of the new country probably were willing to suspend common sense when they heard him advocating public education, by which he meant widespread education paid for by taxing the public. Unfortunately, neither Thomas Paine nor the American public in the 1700s were able to see the true nature of public "education."

In the first place, they couldn't see the immorality of public funding of education. Would you go door to door in your neighborhood, point a gun to each neighbor's head and demand money so you could send your children to school? No? Then why would you be willing to hide …

More Libertarian: Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney?

As much as libertarians like Ron Paul, his attempt to make non-intervention a libertarian and Constitutional imperative is wrong-minded. Nothing could be easier than to soak into consciousness the anti-war sentiment that prevails in America's psychic atmosphere. Nobody likes war. And there are certainly times when non-intervention is the wisest choice among alternatives. But the deepest libertarian imperative is to put an end to the violation of right.

Rudy Giuliani's position on intervention is much more libertarian and logical than Ron Paul's. Show me who started the violation of right? Show me who was the initiator of murder, rape, torture and plunder? Show me the bad guy ... and I'll put him out of business.

To turn away and do nothing in the face of heinous crimes against humanity is neither libertarian nor in any way satisfying to one's spirit of life, love, joy, and freedom. When Saddam Hussein was toppled, all but the most depraved could not help but feel sp…