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Deep Foundational Goal Assures Libertarian Success

Libertarians are most successful when they learn that not wanting particular outcomes or circumstances, in the sense of not considering outcomes so important that their peace is in jeopardy, actually puts them in their power, in an enormously strong position. Being in their power in an enormously strong position ... everything they really want is gained.

In a way we could say wanting nothing on earth gains us everything in heaven. But by "heaven" we don't have to mean some place in the sky, do we? We could merely mean that we haven't "sold our soul", so to speak. We are intact. We are whole. We are our own person ... like Howard Roark.

Howard Roark lives by his spirit. If outer circumstances do not seem favorable, he laughs. If everything seems to turn against him, he laughs. If people declare they are out to destroy him, he laughs. Roark's joy cannot be touched because he has chosen to stay in touch with the natural joy inside himself.

If we were to w…