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Traits of True Teachers of Liberty: #5 Joy

"Tread on me? That's funny! I'm free!"
The libertarian core lifestyle is "live and let live," where "let live" is one of the main corollaries to the fundamental axiom "live life to the fullest." [See Traits Of True Teachers Of Liberty #2] Therefore to really recognize those who are truly teaching liberty it is necessary to understand what it means to live life to the fullest.

Ayn Rand did her best to portray fictional heroes who lived life to the fullest. Her novel The Fountainhead begins with the words, "Howard Roark laughed." Then a few paragraphs later in her narrative: "He laughed at the thing which had happened to him that morning and at the things which now lay ahead." That morning Roark had been expelled from Architectural school. The authorities were doing their best to tread on Roark and squash his future. But Roark could only feel the laughter of his deep-seated inner joy. His freedom did not depend on any a…