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Libertarian Solution: Rent-a-Government

Victor Hugo once famously wrote you cannot resist an idea whose time has come. Obviously liberal-progressives (properly labeled "fascist socialists") resist libertarian ideas even beyond paranoia, as if the world would utterly burn up in flames if men and women were free to determine their own lives.

Yet the impulse to liberty is ever-present in men and women, and is powerfully promoted by the natural energies of the universe. Therefore, the last 150 years of Marxist thought has been answered in the last 50 years or so by libertarian ideas gaining ever more wide-spread prominence.

So what is the next idea whose time has come? It can't be political success in any current system because current systems depend on a desire to triumph over others, and the desire to triumph over others is antithetical to the libertarian impulse.

The next progress for libertarians may come from a new concept called "Rent-a-Government."

Socialism has run it's course. Governmen…