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Libertarian Success Assured

If the world were free of socialists, "progressives," "do-gooders," and other would-be dictators, libertarians (like most people ... hint, hint) would have no interest in entering politics.

But in a world addicted to using government force in misguided attempts to "help people," many libertarians recognize the need to engage in politics for the purpose of self-defense, to keep the bad guys as well as the so-called good guys (well-meaning "do gooders") from legislating a slavery-burden of rules. regulations, decrees, taxes, wealth distribution, and other ego-vested insanity.

"But you have to have some government!"

A few libertarians claim the only government needed is individual self-government. They would change their minds quickly if they lived among unchecked roving brute force gangs. Governments evolve naturally for good reason.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party in America, like socialist parties in other countries, has itself becom…

Movie Portrays Freedom from Government Insanity

"How could the Constitution have failed us? The Bill of Rights lies in shreds. What has happened to the American spirit of rugged individualism? Can we rekindle that spirit so that freedom blazes like a beacon of hope again?" -

Polls show up to 80% of Americans believe America is headed in the wrong direction. The only "change" Barack Obama's administration is bringing is acceleration of the insanity we see everywhere we look.

Sky Conway of Renegade Studios, producer of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, has decided to actually deliver what Obama cluelessly and falsely promised: true change in the direction of America. Conway's new movie and TV series, Anarchy in America, promises to move 10s of millions of Americans to action with the same passion that Atlas Shrugged inspired in maybe a million - action to create a voluntary society free of government tyranny.

Beneath the surface of a dramatic and exciting story, the movie's characters build a ne…