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Libertarian Mantra Exposes Obama Cruelty

President Obama has no choice but to offer you up as a sacrifice to his god.  His worship of the illusion that there can be a "common good" for society which transcends the good of individuals in the society demands your sacrifice.

Yet libertarians fiddle.

Are you amazed that libertarians blab about marijuana while the economy of the entire world is crashing?  Are you astounded that libertarians nit-pick about bedroom issues while the entire populace is being reduced to slavery?   Many libertarians spend their time forever addressing puny little issues which (a) make them look to the public like petty teenagers, and (b) serve only to side-track the public’s thought from an infinitely more important underlying truth.

Okay, let's suppose you want to do some real good for the libertarian cause.  How about addressing  the one and only truly meaningful issue?  Maybe a little story would illustrate what libertarians should be talking about.

One upon a time there was a society …