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Traits of True Teachers of Liberty: #7 Open-Mindedness

Liberal-progressives feel the need to prove to themselves they are open-minded by championing diversity and ever new Utopian schemes. However, their feeling that they need to resort to government dictatorship to attempt to create their Utopia shows they are not really open-minded at all. Honestly open-minded men and women trust that if something is truly of value it will evolve in it's own way and time, and does not need to be forced into existence by government.

American conservatives are far more trusting of the natural evolution of mankind's thinking and circumstances. They feel no need to force into existence new conditions or new lifestyles, and are usually open to new ways of seeing unless.... Unless what? Unless the new thinking contradicts age-old "wisdom?" Unless the new perception is pointing out how the U.S. Constitution, even if influenced by God, was put together by men of flawed understanding?

Libertarians, however, enjoy a glowing opportunity. Liberta…