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How The Tea Party Movement Aids Libertarians

The Tea Party anthem, "I am America," sung by popular singer Krista Branch, is very inspirational in the sense that it invites us to feel our spirit and take a stand. Tyranny cannot make nearly as moving a video. It is impossible to make a video which could really motivate people to shove socialized medicine down each other's throats, or move people to tax each other into poverty. But a Tea Party video can be moving. Like it or not, Tea Party associates are motivated by a spirit which dwells beneath surface appearances ... the spirit of liberty.

Also like it or not, the Tea Party movement was started by libertarians, even now has a strong libertarian presence, and will continue to serve very well to spread many libertarian ideas. Libertarianism is enhanced greatly by the Tea Party movement in at least two very important ways: 1. Tea Partiers are calling widespread attention to the corrupt nature of the thugs running the U.S. legislative and executive branches of governm…