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Government Biggest Rights Violator!

"A majority of Americans think the federal government poses a threat to rights of Americans, according to a new national poll."CNN Poll: Majority says government a threat to citizens' rights

Libertarians have always understood that the federal government (not to mention various state and local government agencies) has been violating the rights of citizens forever.

The proper role of government is to respond to rights violations such as theft, murder, threat of imminent force, fraud, etc. Libertarians understand that any "majority rule" government initiative which is not aimed at responding to rights violation is a violation of the rights of some minority ... a dictatorship of the majority ... and is inherently immoral even if the minority is only one citizen.

No majority is ever right to force a man to live by their dreamed up government programs, as long as that man has violated the rights of no one else.
"Holy 10 Commandments! If we lived by that idea, the g…

Tea Party Movement Libertarian God-send

"Constitutionally Limited Government; Fiscal Responsibility; Free Markets."- Core Values of the Tea Party Movement

These are values libertarians can support. Even anarchist libertarians can surrender for a season their pie-in-the-sky intellectual constructs and admit that severely limited government is far better than massive out-of-control slave-master government.

There has always been a huge pressing question for American libertarians who feel the urge to work for freedom. "Should I defend freedom by supporting a third party; or should I infiltrate and influence one of the major American political parties from within?" To libertarians, both are distasteful alternatives. Third parties have virtually no chance to gain traction, while the major parties seem impossible to effectively infiltrate.

But wait! A new alternative has surfaced. The Tea Party movement which has arisen in the last year basically as a slave rebellion now offers freedom fighters a mechanism for …