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Course in Political Miracles: Lesson 47

"I make an offer which can't be refused."
Liberty cannot really be refused ... not really. Because liberty is my inner state of being and try as I might I cannot ultimately refuse myself.

So when I offer liberty to someone, that person could reply, but can't really mean it: "What in hell would I want to be free for!" Therein lies liberty's assurance of success.

If I offered a million billion dollars, I could be refused.

If I offered cradle-to-grave security provided by stealing from more productive workers and giving to less productive workers, I would certainly be refused by any moral person.

But no one can ultimately refuse one's natural state of being. So all I have to do is offer freedom and keep offering freedom.

Do I have to produce freedom to back up my offer? Not hardly. Why would I have to produce something that already exists inside of people?

Obviously I might be guided to work for political freedom, but it is the act of offering freedom t…