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Vistors From Outer Space Helping Libertarians?

(Reposting of Lesson 33 from Course in Political Miracles.)
To this point in these lessons I have been opening myself up spiritually and developing certain mind-sets and habits which benefit me in the political realm. I have not yet fully considered whether by focusing on politics to such a degree I am "selling my soul to the devil".

In other words, what if in a manner of speaking my real kingdom is not politics and by focusing on politics I am distracting my attention from my real kingdom?

Probably I would not have progressed this far in these lessons if politics was a distraction to me, because the first few lessons would have "weeded me out" of politics and pointed me toward some endeavor my heart and mind could be fully into. Nonetheless, it benefits me to ask and have a clear answer to the question: would one's deepest spirit, one's innermost being, guide one to be involved in politics?

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to play a game …