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The Temptations of "An Act of Self Defense" by Erne Lewis

With his first novel Erne Lewis charges out of the gate as a victory-bound writer. Reading "An Act of Self Defense" you cannot help but feel what the characters are feeling, not only the heroes who have you cheering but the villains who have you cringing. Conflicting political viewpoints are masterfully interwoven in short non-irritating readable bursts.The story flows with unending extreme situations and tension-creating close calls as compelling desires of human ego clash with plausible human mistakes. It is a "can't put it down" novel.

But there are 7 very strong temptations which might arise if you read this novel.

(1) The story might tempt you to start thinking that all professional politicians are willing to sell their souls and sell out the American people in exchange for riches and ego gratification ... too broad a generalization for a healthy mind.

(2) The plot could tempt you to believe bureaucrats in government departments likely have no hesitation …