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Waking Up in a Future Libertarian Society

"I hadn't thought of it that way." The above words of professor West in the novel Looking Backward 2162-2012 speak volumes. Being a liberal-progressive college professor, West had been living for years with a depressing world view which constantly sees problems that need to be tackled in society, but can only see one hope for solutions ... activist government.

For years West's mind has been obsessed with a maddening drumbeat of continual thoughts lamenting that government is not doing enough. Rendered miserable by his own self-induced blindness, which he liked to reinforce by hanging out with another college professor who arrogantly insisted on the same blindness, West was not an evil man.  He meant well. He had simply never entertained freeing his mind enough to see things differently.

Wouldn't professor West be constantly amazed, and ask question after question, if he woke up one day and found himself in a future libertarian society in which people lived very …