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Why Did Ron Paul Do So Good In Iowa?

Why is Ron Paul so successful in spreading the libertarian message? Maybe it's because he lives the second lesson of the Course in Political Miracles:

"Nothing comes easily if I hold in my mind contradictory desires."

The law of non-contradiction works powerfully in my mind. If I desire one thing while at the same time desiring a second thing which ultimately contradicts the first, then my mind is split and serves both goals, creating neither very quickly, and maybe sabotaging the achievement of both.

Contradictory desires rob me of my potential, not because it is sinful or evil to hold conflicting goals, but because I cannot desire with my whole being a goal and its antithesis.

I know I cannot eat my cake and still have it. But I may not be aware of how many ultimately contradictory goals I hold in my mind. This week I will search my mind for goals which are ultimately contradictory.

How many people do I know who speak glowingly about political freedom but then turn …