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Strong National Defense Libertarians?

Anyone reading the novel Full Black by New York Times #1 bestselling novelist Brad Thor might be tempted to say, "This author is a libertarian!"

Early in the novel a documentary film producer describes what his investigation has turned up:

"What we discovered was that beginning in the 1940s, radical elements inside the United States had recognized that there were these huge piles of money just sitting inside multiple large foundations and endowments all across the country. These big government collectivists, globalists, socialists and communists realized that if they could get into positions of power, say on the boards of directors at the foundations or the endowments, they could steer the money any way they wanted. And that is exactly what they did."

In Full Black the super rich fascist Utopian globalist whose agenda is to bring America to it's knees so a new world order can arise from the ashes is not named George Soros, but James Standing.

"On top of indo…