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The Tragedy of Libertarian Self-sabotage

Nothing could be more self-defeating than to cater to the ego's insane logic that the lessor of two evils is not the greatest possible good between two likely alternative outcomes.

And we have to admit ego is powerfully guiding many individuals in the libertarian movement. But how to get through to the insane?  Sometimes a principle is more easily illuminated if lifted out of the immediate (in libertarians' case, political) context:

Pretend you have been chased into a slot canyon trap with only two ways out. Behind you, blocking the way you entered the canyon, is a very big violent gang who wants to kill you and kill anyone else in its path. Ahead of you, blocking the other way out, is another big but somewhat less violent gang who only wants to rob you of your money but then let you pass ... to live again another day.

Inside your head you hear two voices.

The voice of your ego is shouting, "Don't choose the lesser of two evils! There must be a third way." Bu…