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A Winning Book For Libertarians

The bottom-line argument for libertarianism is a spiritual argument. Your spirit is free and needs you to be politically free so you can be guided to the fullest expression of life. End of discussion.

Almost as compelling an argument for a libertarian structure of society is the ethical/moral argument: people being forced to comply with the man-made dictates of those in power is, pure and simple - immoral.

But what if you find yourself in a discussion with a leftist who just doesn't care about either fullness of life or moral ethics, someone for whom the end justifies the means, and the end is his or her fantasy of a politically manipulated imagined to be "fair" economic system?

Then you might have to fall back on your arguments based on economics, right?

So it pays for libertarians to learn a few principles of economics. And it might even be beneficial to learn something of the history of economics in order to best refute the faulty premises that have become popular in…