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9-12 March on Washington Offers Libertarian Opportunities

"Do not underestimate people's will to be free!"

As the Obama administration continues to uncover their secret agenda which looks evermore like Hitler's Germany or Mussolini's Italy, Obama's approval rating has drifted downward. Americans might be slow to wake up and smell the putrid odor of tyrannical thugs in leadership positions, but like the hundredth monkey principle there comes a critical mass time when the truth can no longer be ignored. Then it becomes fun ... and dangerous; exciting ... and scary.

If the election of fascist Barack Obama flashed warning signs of dangerous and scary times ahead, the 9-12 march on Washington signals the beginning of exciting and fun times for libertarians. No longer are freedom lovers a 1% or 2% minority. The sleeping giant has awakened and libertarians can find allies everywhere.

In one respect, it's good that Barack Obama lied to Americans as to what his "fundamental change" of American society would look …

Health Care Dictatorship: The Real Issue

"Sept 12, 2009 - Will you be there?"

Libertarians have long sabotaged themselves by yelping about fringe issues which the general public doesn't care about, and by campaigning on a hundred and one little personal interests instead of one single overwhelmingly powerful and popular issue.

Looking at history, we see that the Republican Party was created in 1854 and won the U.S. Presidency in 1860, 6 years later ... because they let themselves be raised up by one single time-has-come emotional/spiritual issue- slavery.

Now another such issue has arisen, a real issue, and libertarians have their chance. It's no longer about motorcycle helmets or seat belts. It's about the dictatorship of the entire realm of everyone's deeply personal health care, and people are up in arms. Finally there is the one single earth-moving issue which libertarians can ride to success.

But will libertarians take advantage of the moment? While the proposed health care dictatorship has become …

Leftist Camille Paglia Thrashes Obama Health Care

"You can keep your doctor; you can keep your insurance, if you're happy with it, Obama keeps assuring us in soothing, lullaby tones. Oh, really? And what if my doctor is not the one appointed by the new government medical boards for ruling on my access to tests and specialists? And what if my insurance company goes belly up because of undercutting by its government-bankrolled competitor? Face it: Virtually all nationalized health systems, neither nourished nor updated by profit-driven private investment, eventually lead to rationing.

"I just don't get it. Why the insane rush to pass a bill, any bill, in three weeks? And why such an abject failure by the Obama administration to present the issues to the public in a rational, detailed, informational way? The U.S. is gigantic; many of our states are bigger than whole European nations. The bureaucracy required to institute and manage a nationalized health system here would be Byzantine beyond belief and would vampirically…