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Inspirational Film For Freedom Lovers: "For Greater Glory"

For Greater Glory is a must-see film for liberty lovers. The story is a 1920's mirror of what is happening in America today ... self-described "progressive" politicians forcing their intellectually-derived values on everyone in the country "for their own good," meanwhile people who feel their spirit rise up and say "Stop!"

No President of Mexico was ever more Obama-like than Plutarco ElĂ­as Calles, a Utopian ideologue determined to force people to live according to so-called "progressive" values rather than their own choices. As one element of his government's Utopian dictatorship his federal troops engaged in secular anti-religious campaigns to eradicate what they labeled "superstition" and "fanaticism." When they tried to wipe out the Catholic Church, it was the last straw for 50,000 brave Mexicans who decided freedom was worth fighting for.

The movie's trailer broadcasts: "When freedom is outlawed, free me…