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Ron Paul Revolution Helping Define "Libertarian."

Anti-war Republican
"Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, an old-fashioned conservative with a strong libertarian streak, inspires a small but growing base of fervent admirers with his strict interpretation of Congress' powers." ~Baltimore Sun

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Old-fashioned conservative with a strong libertarian streak? Such a description could describe Mitt Romney (See Mitt Romney: An American Hero). Ron Paul is better described as a consistently common sense libertarian, as differentiated from many modern fellow-traveller libertarians who have intellectualized themselves into fools' paradise.

"Conservative" merely refers to preserving what has in the past proven to be good and valuable, workable and heroic ... not addicted to making changes for the sake of change, or for the sake of intellectual theories.

A libertarian, on the other hand, feels a deep and burning inner desire for liberty. In America's present context, this dedication might appear conservative. In …

Where is Ron Paul Receiving Help From?

The Ron Paul Revolution: A Lesson in Free Market Economics
by Jason Rink ~

"This catapults Ron Paul’s real campaign war chest into the same stratosphere currently inhabited by only Clinton, Romney and Giuliani. Can anyone say 'first-tier candidate.'"

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It would be a miracle if Ron Paul really is drawing the magnitude of donations of a Clinton, or Giuliani, or Romney. Clinton, it is rumored, has the entire Chinese military budget to draw upon, since the Clintons are willing to sell U.S. military secrets to the Chinese. Giuliani has behind him the Texas Republican machine, master fund-raisers who helped Bush get elected twice. Romney has hundreds of CEOs who know his organizational and executive heroism (See Mitt Romney: An American Hero), not to mention about one quarter of the Mormon population. How could a so-called "eccentric" Congressman from Texas match these fund-raising giants?

Despite the stuborn closed-minded insisten…

American Heroine: Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand’s Literature of Capitalism
Published: September 15, 2007
New York Times

"One of the most influential business books ever written is a 1,200-page novel published 50 years ago, on Oct. 12, 1957. It is still drawing readers; it ranks 388th on’s best-seller list. (“Winning,” by John F. Welch Jr., at a breezy 384 pages, is No. 1,431.)

The 1957 novel was harshly reviewed and widely read.
The book is “Atlas Shrugged,” Ayn Rand’s glorification of the right of individuals to live entirely for their own interest."

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Why do reviewers, commentators, and writers of articles always miss the point? There is ultimately only one interest. To act in one's own true interest is to act in everyone's interest. To act in everyone's true interest is to act in one's own interest. We are all in this together. There is no seperation in spirit.

If an American entreprenuer sells in a free market an invention that makes her a zillion dolla…

How Would Ron Paul Change to Win Republican Nomination?

Ron Paul gets a rare chance to spotlight his views
GOP maverick: yes on gold standard, no on empire-building
05:59 AM CDT on Wednesday, September 12, 2007
By TODD J. GILLMAN / The Dallas Morning News

"My contention is that empire-building is not American, it's not constitutional, it's not moral, it costs us too much money, it costs us lives, it hurts our national defense, it ruins our national security, and ultimately it undermines our personal liberties at home because of the atmosphere that we create," he said, hardly taking a breath. "We pass all these laws where we have military dictatorship declared here to get rid of habeas corpus, have warrantless searches, have national ID cards and everybody's there begging for more safety from the government because they might attack again."

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The good news: Ron Paul's supporters might win enough delegates and insert enough influence to change the direction of the Republican Party for years …

Is Ron Paul's Anti-war More Honest?

Ron Paul Campaign Hits 40,000 Meetup Group Members
Ron Paul had an extra reason to smile as the impressive figure of 40,000 volunteers had been met, which is a substantial amount more than Barack Obama, the candidate with the second best Meetup organization who has 5,801 members.
~September 5th, 2007 by Ryan of Product Reviews Net
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Why is Ron Paul so much more popular than Barack Obama?

Ron Paul, like Obama, enjoys popularity because he has voiced an anti-war position with regard to the former socialist dictatorship in Iraq from the very beginning. But the huge difference is Obama is a dedicated Marxist whose anti-war sentiments rise from his left-wing hate-the-heroic-individualism-of-America state of consciousness, whereas Ron Paul is a genuine American hero whose anti-war sentiments rise from his unflinching integrity in defense of Constitutional process.

Barack Obama and his fellow Democratic candidates play left field shaded so far to the left that they are in foul…

Is Ron Paul Revolution Enough Love For You?

A love revolution, Goldwater-style
By Cathy Young of Reason Magazine | September 1, 2007 Boston Globe

"Paul's followers are a veritable rainbow coalition drawn from across the political spectrum. The most striking image from his campaign - the slogan "Revolution" with the letters "EVOL" reversed to spell "love" backward - is, to use a 1960s metaphor, more Beatles than Barry Goldwater. (The creator of this slogan, Arizona libertarian Ernie Hancock, explains in an online article that the "love" refers to love of liberty, but concedes that the visual was chosen mainly for its emotional impact.)"Click to read article

Are we to believe from Ernie Hancock's equivocation that libertarians use "love" cynically, in the same way 1960s abortion activists cynically invented "a woman's right to choose" as a marketing slogan? Are we to believe that libertarians can bring themselves to love liberty, but real honest-to-goo…

A Libertarian Flavored Republican Party?

Paul Grabs Attention of Alienated Voters
Web Helps to Amplify Presidential Campaign Of Iconoclastic Texan

By JACKIE CALMES August 31, 2007; Page A4 Wall Street Journal
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In highlighting both Democrats and Republicans who love Ron Paul, the above article makes clear that Dr. Paul is reaching the minds and hearts of individuals who have very different political histories yet who are equally sick and tired of the way government in the United States has evolved during the progressive-liberal era.

The article also mentions the possibility of a third party movement if Ron Paul does not get the Republican nomination. Let's hope Dr. Paul is smart enough to resist such a temptation.

The overwhelming reason for not surrendering to the third-party temptation is such an effort would immediately put Hillary Clinton in the White House, probably along with Barack Obama. Both are socialists in their dark, angry souls who would quickly increase government interference in our lives, …