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Making YOUR State a Free State

The human race is evolving and will surely someday be able to live in peace and brotherly love and mutual joy without what we think of as "government." Some would say that at this stage of our evolution it is governments that are the destroyers of joy and peace and brotherly love. Yet most people, maybe a high 90 percentile of all people, still believe governments can somehow be made good, while anarchy is invariably bad.

So a freedom zealot is only engaging in self-sabotage by advertising his goal as anarchy. For now, it is better to work to install a system of governance which at least is totally voluntary and has no ability to force man-made programs on people.

Let’s suppose a few brave individuals joined their efforts and created a new constitution to market to people for adoption in their state. And let’s suppose this constitution changed the complexion of governance in their state so that there would be no more taxation, no more man-made laws which offer the illusio…