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Ron Paul Opposes Abortion Wrongs!

Liberal headline writers: "Ron Paul critical of Iraq war, abortion rights." "Does Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's strong language about abolishing a woman's right to choose...." "Ron Paul opposes abortion rights."

Ron Paul says:"No!" He does not oppose abortion "rights." He opposes abortion wrongs. It is about right and wrong.

Libertarians have often been heard starting off their arguments with phrases like: "If you feel like doing it, and it doesn't seem to hurt anyone...." This is known as aborting morality before it can be born. Just because an activity doesn't seem to hurt anyone (judging by surface appearances) doesn't make it right. Voters know this, which explains why few libertarians have ever been able to win large numbers of votes.

Is it right to participate in sexual activity knowing full well you have no intention of taking responsibility for the result?

Is it right for a woman to b…

"If Democrats Had Any Brains" They'd Support Ron Paul!

The current "Impeach Bush" fad is perpetuated mostly by "liberals," "leftists," and "Democrats" who have very little to offer mankind beyond intellectually-cutesy political phrases like "one nation, under surveillance." If they are honestly worried about surveillance and not just acting like little children seeking vengeance, they should join the effort to get Ron Paul elected.

Everybody knows George Bush is not going to be around much longer anyway. He has allowed himself to become a lame turkey. But surveillance will be around a very long time ... unless Ron Paul is elected.

Even the minimum logic which leftists permit themselves tells us that an expanded state which assumes it knows best how people should live their lives and conduct their businesses has no choice but to become a surveillance state. God forbid ... er, the state forbid people "just doing their own thing." The bigger and more intrusive government becomes, the…

Ron Paul Cannot Be Laughed Away!

"Ron Paul is no laughing matter. He's tapping into a side of the Republican Party that's never had its issues addressed," said David All, a GOP strategist and Internet expert. "And he's doing it by running a truly Web 2.0 campaign."
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Ron Paul No Laughing Matter).

Finally Republicans are beginning to awaken to truth. Mitt Romney identified a very important principle when he pointed out that in a contest between Democrats and Republicans who act like Democrats, the most consistent party wins. Democrats who worship government and want government to control just about every aspect of our lives cannot be defeated by a party that acquiesces in government interference with our free choices.

Democrats who worship government-provided "safety nets" (as if anything government provides could ever be "safe"-- see Liberty vs. Security: False Dichotomy) cannot be defeated by a party who agre…

Ron Paul Can Beat "Queen of Feudalism" Clinton

"Free markets and industrialization have produced a previously unimagined wealth, which is enjoyed not only by captains of industry but by the common man, who is able to afford luxuries--large homes, automobiles, air travel, everything down to his caffe latte at the corner book store--on a scale that could not even have been conceived in earlier centuries. Capitalism has also afforded the individual a degree of personal independence and unlimited opportunity that has fully liberated men from the stultifying tyranny of previous aristocratic and feudal systems."
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The Historic Significance of Atlas Shrugged).

Previous aristocratic and feudal systems?

How many Presidential candidates in your lifetime have not been educated at either Harvard or Yale? But America is not an aristocratic system, right? After the aristocrats taking from you income taxes, sales taxes, luxury taxes, personal property taxes, capital gains taxes, death taxes and a hundred and one …

Ron Paul Calls GOP and Dems to Honesty

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved for the States respectively, or to the people." U.S. Constitution, 10th Amendment

Most Democrats hate the 10th Amendment because they worship an all-powerful welfare-warfare state, true or false?

Most Republicans are willing to ignore the 10th Amendment and act like Democrats when they think it suits their purposes, true or false?

Are you listening inside to your spirit? Or are you relying on preconceived ideas to answer?

What if the truth is Democrats and Republicans couldn't even exist without the 10th Amendment? What if a truly all-powerful Federal Government would simply ban political parties all together? Far fetched? Look at dictators who do not recognize something like a 10th Amendment.

Libertarians, whether leaning Democrat or Republican, love the 10th Amendment. True or false?

You probably heard "true" deep in your heart and soul. When you dis…

The Ron Paul Revolution Needs Positive Vision

Paul shows that Romney is not the only one
"The biggest applause lines were ones against the Patriot Act and, believe it or not, for eliminating the Federal Reserve." ~The Boston Globe

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"Believe it or not?"

That sounds like the way libertarians start every sentence they utter or write. Believe it or not, the Federal Reserve System creates more chaos than stability. Believe it or not, government schools ruin more lives than they help. Believe it or not, social security programs sabotage actual security; government insurance programs weaken true insurance, and politically legislated "safety nets" entangle real safety (see Liberty vs. Security: False Dichotomy).

If you are an admirer of Ayn Rand, you might say something like, "Belief has nothing to do with it. A is A. Existence exists. Truth is true."

On the other hand, if you admire Jesus Christ you might say, "A is A. Existence exists. Truth is true. And ... if I could belie…