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Traits of True Teachers of Liberty: #3 Good Will

This series of articles has shown that the primary foundation principle of the liberty movement is man's right to live life to the fullest, while an accompanying (but corollary) principle is letting others live life to the fullest. We even define a true teacher of liberty by his or her adherence to live and let live. (See Who Are the True Teachers of Liberty?) But there is more. There are other secondary principles.

It is possible to let live in the sense of not forcing or defrauding my neighbor, while yet holding something against him in my mind. I may still be judging him negatively, attacking him in thought, holding a grievance against him. Psychologically, attack thoughts and holding grievances are a way of holding my neighbor in my mind as if in a jail without bail. I am not teaching freedom to the world.

Who could be set free while he imprisons anyone? A jailer is not free, for he is bound together with his prisoner. He must be sure that he does not escape, and so he spends …