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To Create Liberty, Radiate Inner Liberty!

What do you really, really, really want?

Imagine what would happen if you suddenly set aside all your previously formed beliefs and completely released every fear and every grievance that ever imprisoned you. You would "magically" be in touch with your innermost being, would you not? You would see clearly that your natural state of being is free, and living out this freedom is your deepest innate activity.

Feeling this innate need to freely live, you would also instinctively find yourself craving to experience a maximum extension of freedom in your outer world, right? You would desire liberty in every respect.

It would be clear to you that despite your good intentions all your previously held philosophical, theological, or culturally conceived ideas actually lied to you about what you really, really, really want ... unless ... unless they were ideas aligned with your innermost being.

It would further be obvious to you that your desire for freedom to express who you really a…