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Jesus Christ & Ayn Rand: Brother & Sister

It is far too easy (intellectually lazy) to conclude that Jesus Christ and Ayn Rand are miles apart in what they teach. Nothing is further from the truth. It is only necessary to juxtapose the words of Ayn Rand with the words of Jesus to see they teach exactly the same.

Ayn Rand summarizes her teaching this way:

"My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute."
— Ayn Rand, Appendix to Atlas Shrugged

Let's look at the words of Jesus Christ regarding these four elements: 1. heroic being, 2. happiness as purpose, 3. productiveness, and 4. reason as absolute.

Let's start with the idea that man must choose to be a heroic being. Here is how Jesus Christ says it:

Be not content with littleness, but be sure you understand what littleness is, and why you could never BE content with it. Littleness is the offering you gave …

Libertarian-focused Republicans Can Win!

"We must take small positive steps toward libertarianism." --Rhonda Jackson, actress

It means almost nothing that the Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in America. It's like saying Mormonism is the third largest branch of Christianity in America behind Protestantism and Catholicism, or saying Christianity is the third largest religion in India behind Hinduism and Islam. You need a magnifying glass to notice it. It's insignificance is its main attribute.

On the other hand, libertarian Republicans are making great strides. The stunning Republican winners in Virginia and New Jersey recently were not libertarians, but their campaigns downplayed social conservative issues and ran on issues of freedom and fiscal responsibility ... winning libertarian issues.

Libertarians can do more than take small steps, they can run with long strides ... by running as Republicans.

Is America now a fascist state?

a socialist governmental system led by a dominan…

Goal of "Progressives": Poverty for All

"This is not a slippery slope. This is falling off a cliff!" --David Boaz

It's hard to see the 1,994-page bill that the House passed last night as anything (other than a government takeover). After all, the bill uses the command "shall" -- as in "you shall do this," "businesses shall do that" and "government shall do some other thing" -- 3,345 times.

Not a great deal of choice or options there.

To make sure that we obey these "shalls," the bill would create 111 government agencies, boards, commissions and other bureaucracies -- all overseen by a new health-care czar bearing the Orwellian title "commissioner of health choices."

All this would come at a true cost of more than $1.3 trillion over 10 years. And virtually every aspect of health care would be subject to federal regulation.
-- Michael Tanner

If federal debt continues rising on its present path, hastened by a $1 trillion health-care bill, it is the poor and …

This is John Galt Speaking!

"Stop supporting your own destroyers!"

The Democratic Party in America is seeped in the morality of evil: majority rule trumps individual rights. It's okay to rob from the truly productive members of society, as long as you have the votes. As John Galt puts it in Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged: "You may do whatever you please to your neighbor, provided your gang is bigger than his."

In the latest example, most Americans do not want government-mandated health care reform. Obama's answer: "Shove it down their throats! We won the election, didn't we?" We have the power, don't we?"

The question is: will Americans meekly "go along" after Obama's thugs pass their agenda into "law?" Or will Americans say, "Enough is enough! We will not cooperate with this! Nor will we pay for it!"

But wait a minute! Such resistance would be illegal. There are heavy financial penalties for "not going along." U…