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Congressman Ron Paul's Solution to Medical Care

To paraphrase Bill Clinton: "It's the free market, stupid!"

Surely Dr. Ron Paul would not call anyone "stupid," as has been Bill Clinton's habit. But maybe he would admit that "liberals" and "progressives" have fallen for brainwashing without considering every possible factor: past, present, and future; from the broadest viewpoint to the narrowest viewpoint, the forest to the trees, so to speak.

A free market is like what Christians call Holy Spirit, it knows everything (the interaction of every forest and every tree that ever existed) and serves everyone's best interests (even if one's best interests in a given situation are very tough lessons).

A free market is aware of facts which government planners could never know, which is why government planners always mess up society and a free market always makes everyone much better off in every way.

"Progressives," or as they used to be called "fascists," see problems…