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Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Freedom Zealots

Political labels have a way of eventually turning into political liabilities. "Liberal" comes to be hated as the opposite of actually liberal. "Progressive" is ultimately recognized as hindering progress and moving the world backwards. "Libertarian" falls victim to well-meaning but politically immature friends offering the public gross misperceptions.

When out there campaigning, or dealing with the media, or even talking to non-libertarians, better to use words which are hard to misinterpret or be twisted into negatives.

"Freedom fighter" doesn't work because in most people's minds someone who is fighting for something is in conflict. But conflict is the antithesis of freedom. Either we are experiencing freedom inside ourselves or we are experiencing conflict. Since we teach what we are, by zealously experiencing freedom inside ourselves we teach freedom and facilitate freedom in our outer world.

Even the labels "politician" …