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Libertarian Strategy Memo #2

Strategic Inclusiveness
"Under no circumstances are you to win elections!" That's what the general public is saying to the Libertarian Party ... true or false?

The truth is the majority of the voting public will vote for Libertarian Party candidates just as readily as they vote for Democrats or Republicans if libertarians campaign on the right issues in the right way.

One wrong way to campaign is to demonize the Democratic and Republican parties. There are many reasons for this. Some obvious practical reasons are that demonizing the other guys is very unpopular among voters, it makes Libertarian Party candidates appear nonconstructive, and it is an open invitation to be shredded by the media.

A not so obvious reason is that it renders Libertarian Party candidates morally weak, having infected themselves with moral virus in the process of slinging judgments. Attack is impossible to initiate when coming from the experience of one's own joy, happiness, and sense of well-…

Libertarians Ask: Road to Hell Paved With 3rd Party "Spoilers?"

Will third parties siphon enough votes to land We the People in Obama's socialist hell?
Sabotaging one's own best interests? Constitution Party candidate David Brownlow could cause the election in Oregon of a Democratic Senator who would burn the U.S. Constitution and trample the ashes in the ground.

Brownlow could be on track to win more votes in a major Oregon statewide race than any other minor-party candidate since conservative activist Al Mobley grabbed nearly 13 percent of the vote in the 1990 governor's race. Many Republicans say Mobley, who was backed by the anti-abortion and anti-gay rights Oregon Citizens Alliance, cost GOP nominee Dave Frohnmayer the race.
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And so it goes around the country as Democrats hope to have a 60 seat filibuster-proof control of the senate. Libertarian Party candidates and Constitution Party candidates may very well make possible the Democratic Pa…