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Libertarian Selfish Ego-Vested Interest Party?

In the past we have heard some fairly scathing criticism of the Libertarian Party, but recently we heard a rant to which some would cry "Ouch!"

"Because the LP sees women's personal selfish convenience on a par with newly conceived human life not yet born, because so many LP members think their selfish desire to freely use marijuana is the most important liberty of all, because the LP nominates bogus libertarian candidates who thrive on ego glorification over principle, and because LP leadership is more interested in attacking other parties than in bringing people together to work toward common goals, I have decided to call the LP the Selfish Ego-Vested Interest Party."

To which we say: Whoa! Wait a minute! Hold on!

In the first place, all political parties now in existence are based on the selfish ego interests of those involved. There are no political parties based on men and women listening deep inside to their spiritual nature, to the universal oneness we a…