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Obama's Chicago Gangland "Change?" Or Positive Revolution?

Young people should be supporting Ron Paul's revolution, not Barack Obama's King George-like tinkering ... true or false?

Well, if you have allowed the media to brainwash you, surrendered your mind to being hypnotized by flowery oratory, or made yourself a slave to bandwagon faddishness, you probably think Barack Obama is worth voting for. But before you become hopelessly misled in an addiction to Obama, read Ron Paul's "The Revolution: A Manifesto."

If there is anything admirable about Barack Obama, such as never wanting to go into Iraq ... Ron Paul was there first.

If there is anything dangerous about Barack Obama, such as fondness for far-left idiocy ... Ron Paul never went there.

But even if Obama veers away from far-left insanity, he would still represent the old, the tired, the blind, the last hundred or so years of government bureaucrats making a mess of everything they touch. Obama worships government power. Like all so-called "do-gooders," Obama wa…