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Is Libertarians' Overriding Issue Obama Fascism?

Libertarian Neal Boortz lays out the facts
If you're an undecided voter in this presidential election the least you owe your country is to try to base your final choice on some substantive facts. No, I don't have all the facts here ... but I have enough of them to perhaps convince you that voting one particular way on November 4th might not be the most brilliant move you've ever made.
To read entire article click: TO THE UNDECIDED VOTER

What? Neal Boortz not voting for the Libertarian Party candidate this time around? It's simple. Barack Obama is not just any old-line dictatorship-of-the-majority Democrat. Neal Boortz doesn't say so in so many words, but he comes close to recognizing the true danger a Barack Obama Presidency would be to everyone, never mind just libertarians.

Obama is committed to "spread the wealth around." This is the talk of a dedicated fascist (read the enlightening book "Liberal Fascism," by Jonah Goldberg). Goldberg's boo…

Libertarians: Elect Socialist Obama, Expect Stock Market Dive!

Are we experiencing the predicted Obama-socialism bear market, or is it yet to come?"
Libertarians understand that although a totally free market occasionally permits temporary excesses, it also brings quick corrections which are far more efficient than any government attempts at correction could produce. Republicans seem to not quite grasp this truth. Democrats have a vested interest in ignoring this truth altogether.

Democrats, in fact, are philosophically antagonistic to free markets and seek government tinkering and control wherever possible. Government manipulation by Democrats is what led to the mortgage crisis, the world-wide financial meltdown, and the recent stock market crash.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have always been in the service of left-wing politics!

As evidenced by Barack Obama’s rise in the polls immediately following the financial collapse of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, few Americans understand that for many years Fannie and Freddie have been, firs…

Democratic Thugs, Republican Pushovers, Libertarian Lovers

Course in Political Miracles: Weekly Lesson 39
"Liberty's light is the light of love."

In the lessons of this course I have learned that liberty will increase if I am in touch with my deepest, truest desire, because the innermost desire of my spirit is for liberty ... and such an all-encompassing desire is a very powerful creative force once unleashed.

I have also learned I can help any organizations that are creating political liberty, such as the Libertarian Party, by using my imagination and my belief. If I strongly picture in my mind a goal being achieved and strongly believe it is being achieved, I soon start seeing evidence of it in reality.

Non-religious people might call this the "power of an idea held in mind." Religious people might call it "prayer." Whatever one calls it, religious and non-religious people have the same deep inner desire for liberty, use the same imagination and belief, and have nothing to fear from one another. Again, everyo…

Will A New Kind of Libertarian Party Come Of McCain vs. Obama?

Cato's Niskanen Suggests Different Sort of Libertarian Party.

William Niskanen, chairman of the Cato Institute is suggesting a Libertarian Party in which members surrender to internal discipline, following the instructions of party strategists for the good of overall progress. (To read his entire article click: A Case for a Different Libertarian Party)

Before we dismiss the idea as some kind of Utopian "herding of cats," let's remember that almost every one of the platform planks outlined by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto has been implemented in America without an overtly socialist party being exclusively in control for long periods. The coming Obama dictatorship will be the first fascist total control since Woodrow Wilson, yet the "progressive" socialists have always achieved their every incremental goal. The reason: disciplined adherence to strategy.

Niskanen points to the dismal success of small parties in which members work toward relatively unattain…

Senators Insane, Libertarians Wise Regarding Bailout

Libertarian Party needs to be supported and strengthened.

This website has been critical of the self-sabotaging activities and public image of the Libertarian Party ... hopefully in the spirit of constructive criticism. Our own integrity demands that we continue to point out any childishness, foolishness, and lack of integrity within the LP as we see it. But the Libertarian Party does have an overriding strength which other parties do not have and which shines glaringly in the light of the huge financial crisis in America created by politicians of other parties: illusion-free economics.

The Libertarian Party is the only party that knows how to solve the world's financial crises. Most libertarians in the LP have a thorough understanding of macro-economics as a result of open-minded willingness to study the Austrian school of analysis. To gain a glimpse of how important this strength of the Libertarian Party is, the one and only strength which libertarians should be campaigning on, re…