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Course in Political Miracles: Lesson 44

"I experience invulnerability when I surrender outcomes."
Just as the ultimate goal of a libertarian activist is far beyond the intermediate issues talked about in a particular election cycle, so the ultimate goal of this course is to benefit me far beyond the realm of politics. The principles I am learning with these lessons work for business or work situations, relationships, indeed all areas of life.

There is nothing I cannot accomplish if I live by these principles.

In fact, the more I learn about spiritual opening ... not religious beliefs, but true spiritual opening beyond any particular beliefs ... the happier and more efficient my life becomes. When I release guilt, fear, anger, wanting, fixed belief systems, and other pain-causing habits; what remains is love, joy, and inner peace. Why wouldn't my whole life be more efficient?

Does this mean a spiritually opened person can live within the depressing gray cloud of a Marxist society or the prohibitive darkness of a…