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Traits of True Teachers of Liberty: #6 Tolerance

In one respect, today's libertarian movement is like the Protestant Reformation of the 16th-century.

Although the Protestant Reformation helped many, many individuals free themselves from Catholic Church oppression, some of the reformers pursued to extreme what they considered to be moral purity, and became known as "Puritans."

Puritans never attracted a widespread following for two reasons: (1) They were viciously judgmental of any who were not as "pure" as themselves. (2) They could not accept those who were less pure, join with them fully, and enjoy life fully.

Puritans eventually disappeared from history. Their stance was simply too dishonest to be perpetuated.

Are there puritans in the current libertarian movement? Oh, yes!

We know them by their manta, "Principles above political success!" as if political success would not further their principles. To see how illogical this is, imagine liberal-progressives saying, "We don't want to take…