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Traits of True Teachers of Liberty: #1 Trust

The first and foremost, bottom-line principle of true teachers of liberty is live and let live. (See Who Are the True Teachers of Liberty?) Now observe those who truly live and let live. Their most obvious fundamental characteristic is trust.

This is because it is impossible to fully, consistently live and let live without trust. Those who are not trusting tread through their days with vision obscured and steps made unsure by a cloud of fear. Those who trust stroll forward with head held high and a bounce in their step every moment as if trust is their bright sunlight. Those who are not trusting cannot help but feel the need to sometimes manipulate or control others. Those who trust can afford to simply laugh and let others be.

In the early 1860s when "In God We Trust" was added to American coins, the original proposal was to add "Our Country, Our God, Our Trust," almost as if trust was important separate from belief in God. Of course the proposal came from spirit…